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Documents Required for Opening an Account in YES Bank

YES Bank New Account Opening Documents : YES Bank is one of the well known banks in India. With large number of Branches YES Bank has been dominating a lot of Banks. In our previous article, we have already told you how to open a bank account in YES Bank. Your YES Bank Account Opening Form should be accompanied by important KYC documents which are mandatory for opening a new account. Without these documents you cannot open a bank Account in YES Bank. Today, we will give you the important list of documents required for opening a Bank Account in YES Bank. Our list includes the Address and Identity Proof documents for Savings Account & the documents required for Current Account.

This Article includes : 

Documents Required for opening Savings Account in YES Bank 

  • Identity Proof Documents required for opening Savings Account in YES Bank.
  • Address Proof Documents required for opening Savings Account in YES Bank.

Documents Required for opening Current Account in YES Bank 

  • For Sole Proprietorship
  • For Partnership Firms
  • For Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
  • For Companies
  • For Trusts/Association/Club/Society
  • For HUF

Let us first know about essential documents for opening Savings Account in YES Bank.

Documents Required for Opening Savings Account in YES Bank

Identity Proof Documents for Opening Savings Account in YES Bank

1) Passport (If the Address differs from the one mentioned in the Account Opening Form).

2) Voter ID Card (If the Address differs from the one mentioned in the Account Opening Form).

3) PAN Card.

4) Government/Defence ID Card.

5) ID Card of Reputed Employers.

6) Driving License.

7) Pension Payment Orders (Govt/PSUs) (If the Address differs from the one mentioned in the Account Opening Form).

8) Photo ID Card issued by post offices.

9) Photo ID Card issued to bonafide students of Universities/Institutes approved by UGC/AICTE.

Address Proof Documents for Opening Savings Bank Account in YES Bank

1) Aadhaar Card.

2) Passport.

3) Voter ID Card.

4) Ration Card.

5) Registered Lease Agreement or Sale Agreement of a Property.

6) Driving License.

7) Flat Maintenance Bill.

8) Insurance Copy.

9) Income Tax / Wealth Tax Statement.

10) Credit Card Statement.

11) Salary Slip.

12) Telephone/Electricity/Gas Bill (Not more than 3 Months Old).

13) Bank Account Statement/Passbook (Not more than 3 Months Old).

14) A Self Declaration by Judges of High Court/Supreme Court mentioning the new Address of the Applicant.

15) Proof of Address issued by any one of the following : Bank Managers or Commercial Banks/Co-Operative Banks/ Multi-National Banks/Gazetted Officer/Notary Public/ Document issued by Any Govt. Authority.

16) Identity Cards or Documents issued by any one of the Following : Statutory of Central/State Government and its employees, PSU, Sceduled Commercial banks, Public Financial Institutions, Colleges affiliated to ICWAI, ICSI, Bar Council etc. and their members.

17) The Proof of Address in the Name of Spouse May be Accepted. (For Example : – If your Wife’s/Husband’s Passport, Voter ID , Aaadhaar Card has your name mentioned in it, then you can use it as an Address Proof Document).

18) Letter from a reputed Employer.

19) Certificate Issued by Hostel and also, proof of residence incorporating local as well as permanent address issued by respective hostel warden of University/Institute where the student resides, duly counter signed by Registrar/Principal/Dean of Student Welfare. Such accounts should be closed on completion of education/leaving the University/Institute.

20) For students residing with relatives, address proof of relatives along with Identity Proof can also be accepted provided declaration is given by the relative that the student is related to him and is staying with him.

Documents Required for Opening Current Account in YES Bank

For Sole Proprietorship

1) Registration Certificate (in case of registered unit)

2) Certificate/license issued by the municipal authorities under shop & establishment Act.

3) Sales and Income tax returns.

4) CST/VAT certificate.

5) Certificate/registration document issued by the sales tax/professional tax authorities.

6) License issued by the Registering authority like certificate of practice issued by Institute of chartered accountants of India, Institute of company secretaries of India, Indian Medical Council, Food and Drug Control authorities, etc.

7) Existing Bank statement from the current banker, for a minimum period of 6 months.

8) Registration / licensing document issued by the Central Government or State Government Authority / Department.

9) Importer Exporter Code (IEC) issued by the Office of Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) etc., (Any two of the above documents would suffice. These documents should be in the name of the proprietary concern.)

For Partnership Firms

1) Registration Certificate, if the firm is registered.

2) Partnership Deed.

3) Power of Attorney granted to a partner of an employee of the firm to transact business on its behalf.

4) Attach Proof to identify and proof of address of the main partners and persons holding the PoA apart from the above.

5) Attach Proof of Legal name, telephone number of the firm and partners apart from the above.

For Limited Liability Partnership

1) Copy of the LLP agreement.

2) Copy of the Incorporation document and DPIN of the designated partners.

3) Copy of the certificate of Registration issued by the ROC concerned.

4) Copy of LLP-IN issued by the ROC.

5) Copy of the Resolution to open an account and list of authorized person/s with the specimen signatures to operate the account duly attested by Designated Partners.

6) Copy of PAN allotment letter.

For Companies

1) Certificate of incorporation and DIN.

2) Memorandum & Articles of Association.

3) Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account and list of officials authorized to operate the account.

4) Identification of authorized signatories should be based on photographs and signature cards duly attested by the company.

5) Power of Attorney, if granted, to its managers, officers of employees to transact business on its behalf.

6) Copy of PAN allotment letter.

7) List of directors and copy of Form 32 (if directors are different from AOA).

8) Certified true copy of Certificate of commencement of business (public limited company).

9) Attach Proof of the name of the company, Principal place of business, mailing address of the company, Telephone/Fax number apart from the above(Telephone bill).

For Trusts/Association/Club/Society

1) Certificate of Registration, if registered.

2) Power of Attorney granted to transact business on its behalf, if any.

3) Any document listing out the names and addresses of the trustees, sellers, beneficiaries, and those holding power of Attorney, and other key officials involved in the day to day management of the trust to the satisfaction of the bank.

4) Resolution of the managing body of the foundation.

5) Declaration of Trust/Bye Law of society/Bye-law of Association/Bye-law of club.

6) Attach the Proof of name and address of the founder, Manager/director and the beneficiaries, telephone/fax number, Telephone bill, Utility bill apart from the above.


The PAN card of the HUF/PAN Intimation letter/GIR No./Form 60/HUF Declaration and Identity and Address proof of the Kartha.

Important Note :

1) All the persons related to the account and authorized to operate the account must provide separate identity and address Proof in conformity with the details furnished in the application form.

2) Original and photo copy are to be produced. Originals will be returned after verification at the Branch.


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