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How to update PAN Card in IndusInd Bank Account ?

Update PAN Card in IndusInd Bank : PAN Card is a Card issued by Income Tax Department of India. It is used for a lot of important financial transactions. Usually, when you open a new bank account in IndusInd Bank, you need to mention your PAN while filling up the IndusInd Bank Account Opening Form. In cases where the applicant does not have a PAN Card, he can fill up Form 60/61 in the form. Also, he must mention the reason why he does not possess a PAN Card. At a later stage, if a IndusInd Bank Account holder wants to update his PAN Card in IndusInd Bank Account he can do so by visiting the branch with the required documents. Today, we will guide you through the step by step procedure to link PAN Card with IndusInd Bank Account.

How to Update PAN Card in IndusInd Bank Account

Few Important Uses of PAN Card are for :

  • Buying or Selling immovable properties.
  • Buying an Automobile.
  • Preparing a Bank draft, pay order or a cheque.
  • Buying shares of value more than Rs. 1 lakh.
  • Depositing funds more than Rs. 50000 at once.
  • Opening a new account, may it be a Savings or a Current Account.
  • Opening a DMAT Account.
  • Applying for a Credit Card.
  • Proof of Identity.

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How to Update PAN Card in IndusInd Bank Account ?

Before we know the process to update PAN Card in IndusInd Bank Account, we must know the consequences of not updating PAN details with IndusInd Bank.

What if I do not Update PAN Details in my IndusInd Bank Account ?

You are requested to Update the PAN details in your IndusInd Bank Account.

  • If you do not update valid PAN details with IndusInd Bank, tax will be deducted from the interest earned on your deposits.
  • If you have a PAN allotted to you and you do not update the details with IndusInd Bank, you will not be able to obtain your Tax Deduction at Source Certificate (Form 16) from IndusInd Bank.

Steps to Update PAN Card in IndusInd Bank

In order to Update or Link your PAN Card details in IndusInd Bank Account, you need to follow the steps given below.

1) Visit the IndusInd Bank Branch where you maintain your Account.

2) Collect the KYC Form from the Bank to Update your PAN details.

Alternatively, you can : Download IndusInd Bank KYC Details Change Form (For Individuals)

3) Fill the KYC Form and put your Signature where needed.

4) Submit the following mandatory Documents at your IndusInd Bank Branch :

  • KYC Details Change Form.
  • Self Attested Photostat copy of PAN Card.
  • A Letter to the Branch Manager in regards to Updation of PAN Card in your IndusInd Bank Account.

Important Note : Please carry original PAN Card while visiting the IndusInd Bank Branch as it may be verified.

Final Words :

It is really important for every Account Holder to link PAN Card with IndusInd Bank Account. The process does not take more than 10-15 minutes after visiting the IndusInd Bank Branch. It is necessary to update PAN details to obtain your TDS from the Bank. Also, make sure you update the correct PAN details so that the tax doesn’t get deducted from the interest earned on the deposits in your IndusInd Bank Account.


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