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A Guide to the Most Challenging Casino Games

When it comes to complexity, not all casino games are alike. Some, like slots, are beginner-friendly, entertaining, and have simple rules and strategies. Others, like poker, will challenge even the most seasoned players as they require complex and elaborate mental gymnastics. If you feel tired of the former and prefer the latter, check the most challenging head-scratchers of the gambling world.

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1. Poker

Poker is a classical card game. It is one of the most iconic and hard-to-learn casino games worldwide. Unlike many other games, it requires skills, strategy, and, yes, a bit of luck. Start by trying out the most popular varieties to figure out which one you like the best.

  • Pai Gow. It is among the most challenging poker versions. After placing bets, players are dealt seven cards, which they need to split into two hands. One hand should have two cards, while the other should have five cards with a higher value.
  • Texas Hold’em. This is one of the most popular versions. The player is dealing with two hole cards that can be combined with five community cards on the table.
  • Omaha. Being another players’ favorite, this game starts with dealing participants four cards.
  • Stud. The last option in this list has many variations, although players typically start with five or seven cards.

You will need a couple of months of dedicated practice to play poker at a decent level. However, mastery will likely take years. As the old saying proclaims, poker is a game that takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.

2. Pinochle

To play this American card game, you will need three players (the cutthroat version) or four players in two teams. The game requires a 48-card deck, where tens outrank the highest-ranking cards, such as jack, queen, and even king, in trick-taking.

Pinochle has six phases: dealing, bidding, exchanging, melding, trick-tacking, and scoring. After the cards are dealt, the players bid cards until someone wins the auction and chooses the trump for the round. After forming melds (a set of matching cards), players can start trick-tacking and conclude by tallying up the scores.

3. Cribbage

Although you can learn cribbage basics in one sitting, it can still be hard to master. You will need two players and a 52-card deck to play this classic British game. To keep the scoring count, you can use a pencil and paper or a Cribbage board with small holes to accommodate the pegs. Cribbage may seem challenging for beginners because it doesn’t resemble other games.

If you find popular casino games way too easy, why not up the ante? From Pai Gow poker to Cribbage and Pinochle, there are many games that present a mental challenge and make winning much more satisfying. Try the game from the list to understand which one can become your favorite.

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