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How to Apply for ICICI Credit Card ?

Apply for ICICI Credit Card : ICICI Bank is one of the most popular banks in India. Not only does it provides wide range of banking services, but also offers a variety of ICICI Credit cards to meet the needs of consumers of all income group. So, whether you are Salaried, Self-Employed, a business owner or a Student, ICICI Bank has a Credit Card for each one of you. Before you jump to any conclusion you must know a few details about ICICI Credit Cards. Today, we will take you through the step by step procedure on how to apply for ICICI Credit Card ? 

How to Apply for ICICI Credit Card

How to Apply for Credit Card in ICICI Bank ?

First thing to do while applying for a Credit Card is to check your eligibility.

Step 1) Eligibility Criteria to Apply for ICICI Credit Card

Think if you do most of the formalities at your end and didn’t even check if you are eligible for the ICICI Credit Card or not! So, its always a good practice to check your eligibility to apply for Credit Card in ICICI.

Basic Requirements to apply for a ICICI Credit Card are as follows :

  • Applicant must be Indian.
  • Applicant must be over 18 years of age.
  • Applicant must have a good credit score with no loan/credit card defaulting.
  • Depending upon Salaried or Self-Employed/Business Professionals the documentation and charges might differ.

Step 2) Review all the ICICI Credit Card Options

You can compare features and benefits of up to three ICICI Credit Cards at a time online. This feature can help you to get a better idea to apply for ICICI Credit Card. Use this link to Compare Credit Cards in ICICI Bank.

You can also check from the list of ICICI Cards given below. At any point of time you can talk to ICICI Credit Card Helpline Number 1800 102 4242 or Visit any ICICI Bank Branch to know more about any ICICI Credit Card.

List of ICICI Credit Cards

  1. ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card
  2. ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card
  3. Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card
  4. Ferrari Signature Credit Card by ICICI Bank
  5. ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card
  6. ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Credit Card
  7. ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Credit Card
  8. ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card
  9. ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa Credit Card
  10. ICICI Bank British Airways Classic Credit Card

Step 3) Gather the Required Documents

Once you review the Credit Card Options, you need to gather your necessary documents in order to apply for a ICICI Credit Card.  Also, you will need to keep the following information and documents handy :

  • Personal Information : Name, Address, Occupation, Education Level, Date of Birth, Email Address, Gender, PAN Number, Mobile or a Landline telephone number.
  • Professional Information :  The name of your Employer, Company Address, Work Industry, Designation, and the number of years you’ve been employed at the current company.
  • Address Proof : Passport, Voter ID, License, UID Aadhar Number,or any acceptable document.
  • Other Documents : PAN Card, Salary slips/Certificate for last 3 months, Income Tax Return document, Latest bank statement indicating salary credited for minimum 3 months.

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Step 4) Apply for ICICI Credit Card

The quickest way to apply for ICICI Credit Card Online is through ICICI Credit Card Official Website. A lot of online applications for ICICI Credit Card have only one page of information to provide. Give all the required details as requested. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, submit the application for processing. Remember not to double-click! This could result in an error.

Alternately, You can also call ICICI Credit Card helpline at 1800 102 4242 or visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch to apply for ICICI Credit Card.

Step 5) Approval Process of ICICI Credit Card Application

If your application is approved online, ICICI Bank executives will get in touch with you within 2 working days to inform you about the all the documents you need to submit. The executives will also set an appointment with you to collect the required documents from you. Once you have submitted all your necessary documents, it will take up to 21 days to process your ICICI Credit Card application. Final approval of your ICICI Credit Card depends on the documents you provide.

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