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How to Check your Cibil Score by PAN No. for FREE ?

Check Cibil Score by PAN Card for Free : A credit score is generated and provided by the credit bureaus. Some of the well known credit bureaus are CIBIL, Equifax, Experian and Highmark. In India, amongst the credit bureaus, CIBIL is the most popular as they have been in India from quite a long time. Your CIBIL Score has a direct impact on your ability to get loans and credit cards. Hence, it is advisable to have a good credit score all the time. If you logon to the Official Website of Cibil, you would have to pay an amount to get your Cibil Score. However, we will tell you the procedure to check Cibil Report for Free. You can easily check Cibil Score by PAN for Free.

How to Check your Cibil Score by PAN No. ? [For Free]

From a long time CIBIL has been there in India but there was no way to check Cibil Score for Free. However, Paisa Bazaar now allows your to check your Cibil Score for Free.

Step by Step Procedure to Check Cibil Score by PAN No. :

1) Create an Account on PaisaBazaar.com

In order to get your free Cibil Score, first of all you must create an Account on PaisaBazaar.com by clicking on the link below :

Check Cibil Score for Free

Enter all the Details i.e.,

  • Gender
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • PAN
  • PIN Code
  • City
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

Click on the Consent box and Click on Get My Report.

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2) Enter Employment Details

Enter the Following details :

  • Enter OTP (Received on the Mobile Number you mentioned in the previous step)
  • Employment Type
  • Net Monthly Income
  • Employer Name

Click on View Report.

Check Credit Score by PAN

3) Check your Cibil Score

You will now be able to see your Credit Score. Here you can see that my Credit Score is 829. You can click on Download button to download the Cibil Score. Password to open your Credit Report is your Date of Birth in DDMMYYYY format.

Free Cibil Score

Please note that the Credit Score is updated every month and the date of next report will be mentioned in your Account. Here, you can see that its mentioned Next report on Sep 27, 2017.

Free Credit Report

There are 3 important reports you can check under Credit Report :

  • Factors
  • Account Details
  • Personal Details

Credit Factors

In Credit Factors you will be able to see the factors that affect your Credit Score along with Impact and Current status. You can check the details of every factor by clicking on Know More button.

The Credit Factors are :

  • Payment History
  • Credit Card Utilization
  • Age of Credit History
  • Total Account

Credit Factors

Your Accounts :

Under Accounts, all your Credit Card and Loan Accounts will be listed as shown below. You can check the details of the same by clicking on the drop down under the corresponding details option.

Credit Account Details

Your Details as per Accounts :

Under this option your Name, Phone Number and Address linked with your Credit Cards and Loan Accounts will be listed.

Personal Details with Credit Accounts

Hope you liked our article on the procedure to check credit score for free.

Final Words :

You might have noticed that checking cibil score by PAN Card is very easy and can be done within 5-10 minutes. Also, once you have an Account with PaisaBazaar.com you can check your Cibil Score anytime anywhere. You just need to login to your Account using your Mobile Number and OTP received on your Mobile Number. If you have signed up using Facebook or Gmail, you can use the same to login to your Account. Credit Score is updated every month and this account will help your to get free Credit Report in future as well.

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