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How to Write a Biography ?

A biography is a written record of a series of events that make up a person’s life. Some of these events can be very boring, so you need to make your account as interesting as possible!

Every student will write a biography at some point, but the details and complexity will vary. Fourth-year biographies are quite different from high school biographies or high school or university biographies.
However, each biography will include basic details. The first message you should gather in your research will include your profile and facts. You must use reliable resources to ensure that your information is accurate.  Learn how to write autobiography review https://answershark.com/writing/non-fiction-review/autobiography-review/how-to-write-autobiography-review.html.

Using the study notes card, collect the following data and carefully document the source of each message:

The basic details include:

• Date and place of birth and death
• Family information
• Lifetime achievement
• major life events
• The impact / impact on society is historic

Although this information is necessary for your project, these dry facts are not themselves good biographies. Once you find these basics, you will want to dig deeper.

You choose someone because you think he or she is fun, so you certainly do not want to add boring fact sheets to your files. Your goal is to impress your readers!
You start from the first sentence.

It’s a good idea to start with a very interesting statement, a little-known fact, or a really interesting one.

You should avoid starting with a standard but boring route:

“Meriwether Lewis was born in Virginia in 1774.”

Instead, try something like this:

One afternoon in October 1809, Meriwether Lewis arrived at a cabana deep in the Tennessee Mountains. The next morning he was dead, with gunshot wounds on his head and chest.

You have to make sure your start is motivational, but it should also be relevant. The next one or two sentences should guide your thesis presentation, or the main message of your biography.

“This is a tragic ending that has profoundly affected the course of the history of the United States, led by Meriwether Lewis, a driven and often tormented soul, that found an expansion of the Economic potential increases the understanding of science and raises its global reputation. ”

Now that you’ve created an impressive start, you’ll want to continue streaming. Find more interesting details about this person and his work and weave them into pieces.

Examples of interesting details:

• Some people think that Lewis and Clarke will encounter elephants in the western wilderness, misunderstanding the furry mammoth bones found in the United States.
• The Expedition discovered and described 122 new animal species and subspecies.
Lewis is a depression.
• His death remains a mystery, despite being convicted of suicide.

You can find interesting facts by consulting different sources.
Fill in the body and materials of your biography to provide insight into the personality of your topic. For example, what qualities or events you ask about in Meriwether Lewis’ biography prompted him to begin such a huge exercise.

Issues to consider in your biography:

• Is there something in the childhood of your theme that shapes his / her personality?
Is there a personality trait that drives him to success or hinders his progress?
• What adjectives do you use to describe him / her?
• What’s the turning point in life?
• What is his influence on history?
Be sure to link your passage with transitional phrases and words and make your passage flow.

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