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Aaykar Setu App – An App that let’s you understand Taxes easily

The common people, either from a business background or the working class, face great difficulty in understanding matters related to tax and getting answers related to their tax related issues. Well, there is nothing to worry now, as the government has taken a firm step to ease of the burden.

IT Department’s Aaykar Setu App

The Aaykar Setu app is a new approach to reach the common man, which has been launched by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. The app comes handy for various tax-related operations such as, online filing of Income Tax Returns, locating nearest Tax Return Prepares, showcasing calculating tools for tax, help in managing PAN and TDS and paying tax.

The app is easily available for Android phone users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It can also be downloaded, simply by giving a missed call on 7306525252.

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What can the Aaykar Setu app do?

The key objective of this app is to make its users understand the basics of income tax. The various services provided by the app are:

  1. TRP at your doorstep– this feature enables users to locate Tax Return Preparer. It provides name, contact and address of TRP along with their location on the Google Maps.
  2. Tax Tools – these are the various tools lined up for calculating tax by putting in some basic information.
  3. Tax Payment– this option allows easy tax payment. Calculate tax in real-time, file the rectifications for tax credit mismatch, inquiry for challan statuscan be handled here.
  4. Return Preparation– this option simplifies the task of filing income tax returns by providing TRP assistance, downloading IT form, calculate tax, etc.
  5. TDS/TRACES – check status for TDS statements; verify From 16 and TDS return filings, all within this section.
  6. Tax Gyaan – this section lets users learn about income tax. It has an MCQ based game which provides hands-on knowledge to the users.
  7. PAN/TAN–this menu allows application for PAN/TAN cards, reissuing, correction, verification of PAN/TAN cards and linking them with Aadhaar cards.
  8. Live Chat – use this space to get answers for all your queries, available between 10am to 6pm on all weekdays.
  9. Ask IT – this is a chatbot designedto provide answers to IT related queries in real-time.

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Why should the Aaykar Setu App be used?

The Aaykar Setu app is a plausible step taken by the government and has some positive aspects such as:

  • It steps-up the Digital India movement that the government intends to bring.
  • The user can carry out all tax related tasks on the go.
  • It is simple to clear any queries through the app’s chatbot feature.
  • The calculating tools of the apps are very accurate.

What needs to be improved?

There are a few things that need to be worked upon like:

  • The app works slowly, even on a fast internet connection.
  • The TRP location takes too long to load.
  • The app directs to webpages for a lot of tasks.


Although, the app makes the tasking process easier, a lot of areas need to be improved. The layout of the app is simple and can be understood by all types of users.

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