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Alert! Not all 12 Digits Numbers Are Valid Aadhaar Number. Know How to Check Aadhaar Number is Valid or Not?

As crime is increasing day by day more and more people are becoming witness of frauds on the daily basis. It is the need of hour for everyone to become aware of the methods and ways by which you can escape from these traps of hoaxes.

In India, Aadhaar is the must have ID which can be used for various purposes like ID proof, Address Proof etc.

Many of the examples are there, where you collect the Aadhaar from other person as an Identity Proof. For example if you want to give your property on lease or you want to lend some money etc. In these cases you ought to collect Aadhaar copy of that person.

In case of false documents collection you could face great loss. So, it is indeed necessary to check the originality of the Aadhaar you collected. But How?

Here is the solution, recently on Twitter, UIDAI announced that you can check the authenticity of the Aadhaar number simply by visiting the official UIDAI portal.

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You can follow the simple steps and can get the information of originality of Aadhaar Number

Steps To Verify Aadhaar Number:

  • Go to UIDAI portal https://resident.uidai.gov.in/verify
  • Enter the Aadhaar Number and Captcha Code
  • Click on “Proceed to Verify”
  • On the next screen if the aadhaar is valid, you will get these information: Age Band (e.g 30-40), Gender, State and Masked Mobile Number (e.g XXXXXXX123)

Can I Verify the Aadhaar Using mAadhaar App?

Yes, you can follow the below mentioned steps to verify Aadhaar using mAadhaar Application.

  • Open mAadhaar App and go to “All services” options
  • Now tap on “Verify Aadhaar” option
  • Enter 12 digit Aadhaar Number and Captcha code
  • Click the “Submit” button and you will get the details of the Aadhaar on your screen.

Other Facilities Provided By UIDAI

Not only Aadhaar verification but other many other services you can avail by visiting UIDAI website. For example : You can download the e copy of Aadhaar, Locate the nearby Aadhaar centre to update your details in Aadhaar, Aadhar Card Appointment Slot Booking etc.

Also, in the same manner you can check that your Email and Mobile number is linked with your Aadhaar or not.

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