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How to Change your Signature in SBI Account ?

Change Signature in SBI Account : State Bank of India is a well known bank in India which provides its customers with a lot of banking options. While opening your account in SBI, you need to put your signature at many places in the SBI Account Opening Form. Usually, we may keep the same signature throughout our life. However, some people might want to change their signature at a later stage. Some people often as us that can i change my signature in SBI account ? So, we thought to answer this question by writing this article. Before, you we tell you the to procedure to change the signature in SBI Bank, we recommend you to change your Signature in PAN Card as it is directly linked to your Bank Account and any mismatch could cause an issue.

How to Change Signature in SBI Bank Account ?

Before we begin with the process of change of signature in SBI Bank, make sure your Account is active and working fine. If you account is inactive or dormant, you can reactivate dormant account in SBI first.

1) Write an Application to the Branch Manager for Change of Signature in SBI Bank Account. You must remember to mention all the details given below :

  • Your SBI Account number and Customer ID/CIF Number (You can find this on Bank Passbook/Account Statement)
  • Your Existing Signature and New Signature
  • Reason for Signature Change

2) Gather Documents supporting the Change of Signature : You can provide the copy of your PAN Card in which you have already changed your Signature.

3) Visit the SBI Home Branch, ask the Accounts Executive for SBI Change/Modification Request Form and fill it up completely and put the Old as well as New Signature. Alternatively, you can also click on this link to download –> SBI Change/Modification Request Form take a printout and fill it up.

4) Submit all the necessary Documents including the Application of Change of Signature, Self Attested copy of your PAN Card and completely filled up Change/Modification Request Form to the Accounts Executive.

That’s it! Once the successful verification of your documents and signature is done, your new signature will appear in SBI Bank records. You can also read our previous articles on how to change your Name in SBI Bank Account and Change your Address in SBI Bank Account.

Final Words :

You might have seen that the procedure to change signature in SBI Account is quite easy. Once you have all the necessary documents, it does not take more than 10-15 mins for the Change of Signature in SBI Bank Account. Hope this answers your question ‘what is the procedure to change the signature in SBI bank account?’

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