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Top Trends Led By Digital Growth In Post Covid Scenario

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard in 2020. Due to the massive spread of the virus worldwide, almost every industry came to a halt. The worldwide economy was severely affected due to this global disaster.

Many businesses had to shut shop. But, conditions have massively improved when compared to what it was a few months ago. Even then, companies had to think of a way to get out of the post-COVID situation with things like mobile app hosting. 

One of the most significant changes you have seen due to the global pandemic is the emergence of online businesses and startups.

Yes! Due to the lockdown procedures, the number of shoppers has grown at least tenfold since 2019. This blog discusses the top trends that have been led by digital growth in 2021.

Digital and Contactless Payments

Digital payments were often neglected a few years back. People would always show more interest in paying via cash or cards. Since the onset of the global Coronavirus, digital and contactless payments have become popular. 

Many countries that include the US and South Korea have millions of digital payment users who subscribed during the pandemic. The use of digital payment helps you to make transactions from wherever you are.

But, make sure to have access to stable internet and a mobile device. The growth of digital payments has enabled companies to secure their gateways and revamp their security systems. All of which were otherwise redundant for a long time.

The Spread of Remote Workspace

Due to the severe contamination of the virus, companies had no other option but to let their employees work from home. The idea of remote workspace existed for a long time.

But, no one ever paid too much attention to it and every user’s features. Remote workspace skyrocketed during the lockdown. 

People are more interested than ever to start their remote workspace experience in 2021. If done right, remote workspace helps all the employees to focus on the ultimate goal – performance.

The trend for remote workspace has also helped many companies cut down their operational costs, especially the ones that incurred huge losses during the lockdown. At the same time, a remote workspace can help a business to get better employee satisfaction.

Growth of Digital and Distance Learning

The global pandemic had a direct impact on more than 1.5 billion students in the world. With schools and colleges completely shut down a few months back, students had difficulty preparing themselves for their careers.

But, a new trend emerged here as well and that is distance learning!

You can find innumerable educational institutions that have started offering distance learning. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D printing are some of the top things you can learn via distance learning courses and degrees. 

Distance learning helps students connect to teachers and educational institutions to facilitate better and global learning.

Telehealth Is Changing the World

Telehealth is one of the trends that was led by digital growth in the post-COVID world. It can be a wonderful way to spread the COVID-19 virus and yet deliver the best level of essential health care.

In the post-COVID world, people have become more aware and serious about their health. Telehealth helps them keep track of their body signs and vitals, which tell you many things.

This kind of trend requires a certain kind of knowledge and information to operate. 95% of Americans own cell phones, and 77% of them own smartphones. With such huge market potential, Telehealth will grow further in the next 5-10 years.

Huge Change in Online Entertainment

Due to the worldwide quarantine protocols, in-person interactions came to a sudden halt. That has led to a complete change in the online entertainment industry in 2020-21. Human creativity and innovation went to a whole new different level because of the quarantine.

You had seen online concerts, film releases, and other online events which used to grab headlines when they were organized offline. Heritage locations and international sites have taken the help of advanced regions to offer the people virtual tours. This kind of recreational facility was never seen before.

Online gaming skyrocketed when the lockdown protocols were initiated. The entire online entertainment industry went through a tectonic change in the last year. OTT platforms enjoyed massive growth in the 2020-21 session as well.

Rise of 5G Networks

When 4G arrived, the world went through a humongous telecommunication transformation. 4G impacted our lives very seriously. 5G is probably going to do the same.

It has already been tagged as the future of communications & the benchmark for the mobile industry. The development and spread of 5G networks are going to take place between 2020 – 2030.

You can already see mobile manufacturers adding 5G support to their devices. The arrival of 5G will ensure better internet speed, a smooth calling experience, and security. The post-COVID world is shifting its focus on 5G technology and will impact the next generation in a very significant manner.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence Is In Now

Most companies are now opting for conversational AI bots to communicate to their customers and solve all their queries in the absence of a customer support team. These AI bots will offer you voice-operated video collaboration, assistance with online shopping, and also act as your mobile personal assistant.

With time, their importance will increase manifold as no human bandwidth can match their dedicated and satisfactory service, particularly during any emergency. 

Final Words

The growth of technology has been impeccable in the past year. You can create a live streaming app, start a company remotely, or anything else that you want to do. 

The post-COVID world is a brand new world that you are living in. It is driven by change, innovation, and technology, keeping in mind the best ways to safeguard our nature as well. All the trends that emerged during the post-COVID world will take a front seat for the next few years. 

These trends will determine how we will lead our lives in the next few years or maybe a decade. Make sure to check them out thoroughly and see which one of these trends can help you the most in the future.

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