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How to Choose the best Office Space

The selection of right office space can make a massive difference to both businesses and to your team.

A perfect location can affect the day to day operations and the brand image of your business. We’ve listed a few factors that play a vital role when choosing the best furnished office space in Bangalore suitable for your business.

It is said that five or ten years are considered long enough to be fixated with the same location and under the same terms.

Why may you ask to relocate to a new place? Just because the markets fluctuate, employees grow and latest technologies arise.

  1. Location

A lot depends on the location you choose to operate your business in. Basically, location is the most critical factor to consider when out looking for office space for rent in Bangalore. Businesses that are successful are primarily because they choose a location that is close to their clients.

You need to choose a location that is accessible to both clients and your staff; an office next to public transportation is considered to be great. You and your team will find it easier to commute to work if your office is located close to public transportation.

There are two questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Will the clients be able to reach my office without any hassle?
  • Can my staff reach office without any difficulty?

Also, take into consideration that your office has to be located centrally such that there are a few restaurants and hotels nearby. For clients or staff that arrive from outside the city will find it convenient to settle down close to the workplace.

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  1. Price

Price is another critical factor to consider when planning to switch to a newer location. If you want to spend little amount on, you will end up with an office that you are neither comfortable or happy with. Not selecting the right place can make you decide moving out of the place within months.

If you consider to go with a place that is costly, you might end up paying too much for the rent or think about downsizing.

Ask yourself these questions before settling for the right office:

  1. Can I afford to pay the rent deposits for on the office?
  2. Does this space carry any hidden costs like maintenance, cost of parking, etc.
  1. The right building

The next factor to consider is choosing the right building for your office. The decision of selecting the proper building can impact your business considerably. Before settling for one space, you need to figure out the amount of space that is required for your business to operate in. If you have plans for expanding your business, to what extent is the expansion is going to be.

Carefully monitor the place you are about to buy, as moving from one location to another is a tedious process.

  1. Size of the space

A thought that might have come to your mind as well, the size of the space. Typically, the recommended area per person is 70 square feet. In case, your employees demand a larger space or some extra storage; you have to up the number of the size.

You will also have to decide on the size of the space where employees and clients are comfortable to have lunch. A cramped or congested area reduces productivity in the workplace.

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The local taxes that are levied on commercial space owners or tenants are based either on the size of the business or a where it is situated.

Having a budget is very much important; a wise move is to look around and compare the prices and eliminate those before selecting the right property.

When you are selecting the right building, see for that you have the right set of amenities that are offered by the building. To ensure there is a smooth functioning of the business, you need to figure out the efficient the building management is before settling one.

Once you find the management of the building more comfortable to work with, you no longer have to worry about the thing that is not related to work.

If you have better ideas or solution to finding a perfect office space, then write to us in the comments section below.

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