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Why Is Demat Account by Angel Broking the right option for you

Stocks and share market investments are often dubbed as the ones with high volatility with prices scaling up and down every now and then. I could say that my entry into the world of share market investment was just like any other investor, but I guess that would be nothing but watering it down. Skepticism is something that ailed me from day 1 when I started investing in this sector, and I kid you not, I lost a good load of money. The reason you ask? Well, it’s nothing but sheer overconfidence and lack of practice that drove me haywire when it came to investments in the share market.

But before we get to the part about how I scaled from “Jack fell down and broke his crown” to “The mighty eagle flying high”, let’s understand what the demat account actually is.

Demat Account

Before the boom of technology, share and stocks were traded and existed in papers. Today, the shares are kept electronically in the dematerialized form which is deemed as DEMAT Account. It efficiently allows the buyers to purchase, transact, or sell conveniently with no need for paperwork.

Now, what happened is, I entered the trading sector after a friend suggested me to opt for the same. What I didn’t know is the fact that trading isn’t as easy as “A B C”. You need good knowledge and practice in the sector to do well. You need a brokerage firm that helps you with critical requirements.
After a lot of zooming in and out, I finally landed across the Demat Account provided by Angel Broking. Well, everything didn’t become rosy red instantaneously, but yes, there was a scalable progress when Angel Broking entered to help me out.

How does Angel Broking Demat Account help you?

Not only did I notice major improvements in my trading practices with Angel Broking’s Demat Account, but I also experienced a profitable achievement with less risk.

Why Is Demat Account by Angel Broking the right option for you

With the Demat Account by Angel Broking, I experienced the following changes:

  • It is a rather secure way to track the shares in a convenient manner
  • Offers quick settlement
  • You participate in an effort to save the environment with minimal paperwork with everything saved in an electronic form
  • You save a lot of time
  • No loss of data or documents with everything stored electronically. No one can steal, forge, or damage the share related documents
  • Single trading platform for all which includes gold ETFs, commodity futures, and equity

Features you get with Angel Broking Demat Account

Angel Broking isn’t big talks and nothing to show, rather, the company proves its efficiency with the features and services it pairs with the Demat Account.

  • Easy Transfer of Shares:

The investors can easily transfer all their holdings via DIS which is the Delivery Instruction Slip or via RIS (Receipt Instruction Slip) provided to the investor for purchase or sale of shares.

  • Accelerated Securities Dematerialization/Rematerialization:

The users with a Demat account can dispatch instructions to the DP or Depository Participant for conversion of the physical certificates as electronic forms. This is also true for the alternative conversion from electronic to physical one.

  • Loan Facilitation:

Multiple lenders provide significant loan amounts against the securities that are held within the borrower’s Demat Account. It serves as collateral for loans.

  • Freezing Option:

Demat Account holders can easily freeze their account on a temporary basis to avoid any unexpected credit or debit.

  • Multiple options for Access:

Given the fact that Demat accounts are present in electronic version, it is easy for the users to access the same from multiple modes.

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