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ICICI Bank Internet Banking Registration

ICICI Bank provides the facility of internet banking for its credit card users to make it easier for them to manage their Credit Card accounts. Credit Card internet banking gives access to a wide range of online services. These include checking account information like credit/cash limit on the card, transaction details, due payments, and monthly statements, etc.

Apart from this customers with internet banking registration can make various credit card-related requests. These requests can be applying for a loan on a credit card, credit card limit enhancement, redeem reward points, etc. ICICI credit card online banking saves a lot of time and energy and makes banking safe and contactless for its customers.

How to Register for ICICI Bank Credit Card Internet Banking

Opting for ICICI credit card online banking is an easy process and has two basic processes:

Existing ICICI Bank Customers Having Net Banking :

Account-holders already using ICICI net banking facilities can simply link their credit cards to the existing account.

  • Go to the ICICI Internet banking site. https://infinity.icicibank.com/corp/Login.jsp
  • Enter User ID and Password to login into the account.
  • Click on ‘Service Requests’ under the ‘Customer Service’ option.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the ‘Link my Credit Card Account to my User ID’ option under ‘Credit Card’.
  • Enter the details on the next page. Details such as credit card number, date of card expiry, mobile number, email address. ICICI savings account will be auto-populated. If the customer has more than one account, they can choose which account to link with.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click on ‘Submit’.
  • A confirmation page will appear. An OTP will be sent on the registered mobile number.
  • Fill in the OTP to confirm.
  • A confirmation message will appear on the screen along with the service request number.
  • Note down the number, it is to track the application status.
  • The request to link the credit card with online banking will start the processing in 1 working day.
  • A message is sent once the credit card is linked and is made active in the online account.

Existing ICICI Bank Customers without Net Banking Account:

ICICI Bank account holders without internet banking must first need to register for internet banking. This can be done online or by visiting the bank branch or even through phone banking.

New ICICI Bank Credit Card Customers

To get access to ICICI Credit Card internet banking the customers must generate a User ID and Password. To produce the same one needs to  follow the steps given below :

Steps to Generate ICICI Credit Card Net Banking User Id

  • Give a call on ICICI Bank Customer Care.
  • For credit cards select ‘Option 2’.
  • Type the 16-digit credit card number and 4-digit PIN.
  • The IVRS (Interactive Voice Response Service) will tell the credit card balance. Select ‘Option 1’ for ‘Self-Banking’.
  • Select ‘Option 1’ to get User ID.
  • If the customer wishes to change the User ID select ‘Option 3’ to reset the User ID.

Steps to Generate ICICI Net Banking Password

Follow the given steps to generate a password :

  • Go to the ICICI Internet banking site. https://infinity.icicibank.com/corp/Login.jsp
  • Go to the ‘May I help you’ section and click on ‘Get Password’.
  • Select the ‘Generate Password Online’ page.
  • Fill in User ID and click on Go.
  • Enter registered mobile number and click ‘Go’.
  • A unique number is then sent to the registered number. Enter the same number.
  • After the validation of all the details, a new password is will generate.
  • Use the User ID and Password to access net banking.

Raising Requests through ICICI credit card net banking account

  • Statement related requests- For this go to ‘My Account>Credit Card>Service Request’. One can raise requests related to ICICI credit card statements. This includes activation or deactivation of the physical statement, request email of credit card statements, request to send credit card statements through the post, etc.
  • Requests related to account details modification – For this go to ‘My Accounts>Credit Cards> Alert subscription> Submit’. ICICI Internet banking allows to change personal and account details. This includes address, generate credit card PIN, cancellation of credit card, etc.
  • Redeem reward points – logging into the account gives the access to check the points earned and redeem them. To redeem the points go to ‘My Accounts>Credit Cards>Reward Points>Redeem Online’. A list of options will be available for redemption, choose one and click on ‘Submit’.
  • Request related to credit card blocking- in case of a lost or stolen card, block the card through internet banking. Go to ‘My Accounts>Credit Cards>Block your Credit card – Instant deactivation’. Choose the credit card number and block the same.
  • Dispatch of new credit card – in case of re-issue of credit card and is undelivered or has to be returned. Request the dispatch of the same through internet banking ‘My Accounts>Credit Cards> Service request > Re-dispatch request for an undelivered card.
  • Covert credit card payment into EMIs – transactions above Rs. 3000 can be converted into EMIs within 30 days from the date of purchase. Go to the ‘My Accounts>Credit Cards>Convert to EMI’ option.

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