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Prozac Fluoxetine – Sun in the bottle

Prozac appeared on the market about three decades ago. Depression didn’t come up with the invention of this drug. But with promoting freedom of speech and free mass-media, it has surely become a psychotic illness many people talk about and which many people suffer from, due to numerous factors like genetic, stress, non-adapting to changes, etc.

This psychological disorder has always existed, however, more detailed research and popularization of this disease happened in the last few decades. By that time, it was believed that there was no medicine for it. It was kind of taboo to talk about being depressed and anxious. If you mentioned this about thirty years ago, people would think you were spoiled. Even doctors thought it was, in fact, only a matter of will and character. However, with the emergence of antidepressants on the market, depression began to receive its clinical picture.

Prozac (the medical name of the drug is Fluoxetine) isdefinitely a medicament which has gained popularity all over the world. It is currently one of the most used drugs around the United States, the name “sun in the bottle” is absolutely justified.As to how popular this drug is, the fact is that the film “Prozac Nation” is written and recorded, which speaks about the personal experience of a young student who is struggling with depression.

With the growth of Prozac consumption, the number of those with clinically diagnosed depression has been increasing. From day to day, more and more celebrities openly admit that they are using this medicine; some studies conducted over the past few years have shown the number of users is continually growing.

At present, the situation is as follows: about two-thirds of people with prescribed antidepressant therapy are using Prozac or a similar drug for more than two years. And currently, more than ten percent of Americans with some form of depression are registered. Statistic defeats us: about fifteen percent of patients, unfortunately, take their life away. The data that, approximately, four-fifths of them, under the influence of health condition, think about suicide, and almost half of them try to do this, is showing us that this condition is very serious.

ProzacFluoxetine: general info

The production of serotonin, one of the neurotransmitters in the brain, also known as “the hormone of happiness and pleasure,” is the highest when the spring comes. You must have noticed your mood changes for the better when days are longer, warmer, and sunnier. Scientists believe this the deficiency of this neurotransmitter is responsible for depression. In addition, it can affect many cerebral functions.

Because of its efficacy, Prozac Fluoxetine has become one of the most popular drugs of the new generation for treating depression. It belongs to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, shortly SSRI – its effect is to blocks the disappearance of serotonin in the brain.

If you buy Prozac, or any other SSRI antidepressants, keep in mind that they work by blocking the ability of the brain to reabsorb the serotonin. This increases the level of this neurotransmitter in the brain, as well as the beatitude of those who took these medicines.

Depression has multiple forms and can occur at any time. There is pediatric depression, depression that happens after childbirth, depression caused by some specific event (depressive episode), etc. In addition, Prozac proved to be successful in treating an obsessive-compulsive disorder, cataplexy, and sudden panic attacks.

Fluoxetineis a good brain stimulant, although it may cause slowing down of reflexes. Consuming this antidepressant can help with appetite control, so it can be prescribed to patients suffering bulimia neurosis. It is a condition when a person is overeating and intentionally provokes vomiting for not gaining weight.

The interesting fact is that the original purpose of Prozac is supposed to be the weight control treatment. However, the effect of Fluoxetine-chloride on the slimming process wasn’t explained. Also, another fail was the experiment to place this drug in regular hypertension therapy.

Finally, scientists carried out research which brought surpassing results of the influence of Prozac on improving the cerebral activity. As you know, the rest is history.

Prozac Fluoxetine: side effects

Although used as a treatment for postnatal depression, if young moms use it, Prozac can affect the newborn, so its controlled use is suggested. One of the common side effects is decreasing the sexual desire. However, due to the effectiveness of this medicine, most patients agree to “suffer” this way if this medicine will help them to achieve psychological recover.

One of the most dangerous contraindications, which can happen if the drug is taken without a medical supervision is suicidality, especially in teenagers. Considering this is the group of patients with the most commonly diagnosed OCD, the therapy shouldn’t be carried out independently.

Like any successful venture, this medicine is often criticized. Some opponents go so far as to try to prove that Prozac is nothing more than an ordinary placebo. Despite all these doubts, millions of people cannot imagine their lives without this antidepressant.

Standard symptoms such as tiredness, eating disorders, mood swings, usually disappear for several weeks after the beginning of therapy.


It is crucial that patients have the courage to talk openly about their mental illness not only with their doctor, but also with family members. Despite the hardness of the disease, depression is considered in conditions which can be successfully treated.

Prozac Fluoxetine has proven that an antidepressant that has helped many people. If you notice some changes in your behavior, if you are often anxious and have dark and obsessive thoughts, it wouldn’t be bad to visit a doctor. Like most diseases identified in the early stage, depression with proper therapy can be completely cured.

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