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How to Write Essay and How to Use It for Getting Daily Money

I’ll tell you exactly how to do a well-done essay. I tried to be as brief as possible. My goal is that, soon, do a quality test. If it costs you a little work at the beginning, just analyze, it is the effort necessary to achieve your goal, mastering essay writing! Essay is paper that describes the writer’s opinions and ideas with the aim of influencing the reader to agree. In general, essay consists of three main parts: introduction, development and conclusion.

The introduction

The introduction is usually short, but everything depends on the size of our writing (some will need a remarkable extension, others will not). Its function is to introduce the reader to the topic we will be dealing with and, if necessary, to bring it up to date with what has been said about the topic so far. In it the hypothesis is presented. The hypothesis is the idea that we seek to realize, clarify or sustain throughout our essay. It is, in itself, the seed from which the essay is born. It is the first thing to master in order to know how to do an essay.

The body

It covers most of the text and it sets out the arguments that clarify and support our hypothesis. Here, if the essay requires academic rigor, the critical apparatus (citations, notes, and references) will be inserted to make our arguments sound.

The conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of the essay. In it we can make a recapitulation of the main lines of argument following a line from the hypothesis and end up giving our point of view or final resolution of the topic.

What internal characteristics do we need to know?

In addition to these essential parts, before writing you must know some of the internal characteristics (qualities) that this literary genre has:

• The essay needs to be up-to-date on the subject matter. In this sense, we can guide us to the choice of topic taking into account the type of audience to which it is directed.
• The essay is not intended to exhaust all the possibilities of a topic, but focuses only on a part of it.
• You can paraphrase the quotes that we make to soften the reading (depends on the style you are looking for).

  • It is important that the essay has a dialogical character to keep the attention of the reader.
    • The essay can serve as a confession, be subjective.
    • Unlike other literary genres, the essay lacks a rigid structure. It obeys, rather, in the mind of the author.

Now that you know roughly how to make an essay, a last suggestion: it is advisable, before beginning the writing of your essay, to read essays that are consecrated by the passage of time. Time is wise, they say, and the writings that endure in different eras do so for their simplicity.  Last but not least, despite so many years, they remain current.

Writing essays as your way to get daily money

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You can offer your service to many forums related to homework, essay, writing, and anything having a strong relationship with academic field. I hope by reading this article you can get a new inspiration of how to write good and readable essay. Happy writing!

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