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How to Change SBI ATM PIN Online ?

Change ATM PIN in SBI : State Bank of India is known to be one of the most flexible banks in India. When you open a bank account in SBI, you must check you get your new Passbook, Cheque Book(if applied for) and ATM Card. Usually, after opening a new account you get your ATM PIN envelope with the ATM Card. If you have lost your ATM PIN envelope or forgot your ATM PIN, you can follow this article to know the complete procedure to change SBI ATM PIN Number Online. For all those who do not have an ATM Card can read our previous article on how to apply for a new SBI ATM Card and how to generate SBI ATM PIN by 4 Methods.

How to Change SBI ATM PIN Online ?

Changing SBI ATM PIN does not take more than 4-5 minutes. Let us know more about the procedure.

Things to Know before you change SBI ATM PIN Online

  • If your want to Change SBI ATM PIN Online, you must have an Internet Banking Account.
  • For customers who have applied and received new SBI ATM Card can Change SBI ATM PIN Online.
  • Your mobile number should be registered with SBI to Change ATM PIN in SBI.

Steps to Change ATM PIN in SBI through Online SBI Portal

1) Login to Online SBI Account using your Internet Banking Username and Password.

2) Select the E-Services option on the Top Menu.

E Services Option in SBI Online

3) Select the ATM Card Services in the left Sidebar.

ATM Card Services in SBI Online

4) Click on the ‘ATM Pin Generation’ link.

ATM PIN Generation in SBI

5) Now, you have 2 Options to Request ATM PIN in SBI i.e.,

(i) Using One Time Password (OTP) : If you want to receive One Time Password on your registered mobile number to proceed, select this Radio button.

( For Changing SBI Registered Mobile Number, Please Read : How to Change Mobile Number in SBI ? )

(ii) Using Profile Password : If you want to go ahead by using your Profile Password, select this Radio button.

We have choosen Using Profile Password as the option.

Request SBI Debit Card using OTP or Profile Password

6) Enter the Online SBI Profile Password and click on Submit.

Enter Profile Password in SBI Online

7) Select your Account and Click on Continue.

Apply for ATM PIN in SBI

8) Now, Select the Card for which you wish to Change the PIN Number & Click on Submit.

Note : Rs.51 will be recovered as service charges for ATM PIN generation.

9) Enter the first 2 Digits of your desired ATM PIN and Click on Submit.

Note : The remaining 2 digits will be sent to you through SMS. The SMS Format received from SBI will be like this “The last 2 Digits for ATM PIN Change Request is XX67. Do not share it with anyone.”

10) Enter the 4 Digits of the new PIN & Click on Submit.

Note : Enter the first 2 digits which you entered manually. Then enter the next 2 digits which you received on your Mobile Number through SMS.

As soon as you click on Submit, you will see a message saying that New ATM PIN has been updated successfully. In case of PIN generated for new ATM Card, kindly perform the first transaction in SBI Group ATM only.

Final Words :

Changing SBI ATM PIN Online is a very easy task. If you have SBI Internet Banking Username and Password with you, the Online process to change ATM PIN in SBI is very easy. It does not take more than 4-5 minutes to change SBI ATM PIN Online. Once you have your ATM Card with you, use the process mentioned below to change SBI ATM PIN.


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