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How to Generate MMID in SBI Account ?

Generate MMID in SBI Account : State Bank of India is undoubtedly the best bank in India with a lot of banking options. There a lot of ways to transfer money in SBI like by visiting a SBI Branch, Online Banking, Mobile Banking etc. If you want to transfer money from SBI using IMPS Service, you need to have a 7 digit MMID Number with you. Without MMID, it is not possible to perform IMPS Funds Transfer in SBI. IMPS transfer can be done by Branch, SMS, SBI Online Banking and Mobile Banking. It does not take more than 2 minutes to transfer funds by using IMPS Service.  In this Article, we will tell you how to get MMID in SBI Account. Also, in case you have lost, misplaced or forgot MMID in SBI, you can use this article.

This Article will help you how to : 

  1. Generate MMID in SBI by SMS
  2. Generate MMID in SBI by SBI Freedom App
  3. Generate MMID in SBI by Calling Toll Free Number
  4. Generate MMID in SBI by Branch Visit

How to Generate MMID in SBI Account ?

Before we tell you the procedure to generate MMID in SBI Account, make sure your number is registered with SBI Mobile Banking. Let us now tell you more about MMID.

What is MMID ?

Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a 7 digit number issued by a bank against an account linked to a mobile number. Remitter (customer who wants to transfer funds) and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive funds) should have this MMID for doing interbank funds transfer – IMPS.

How to Generate MMID in SBI by SMS ?

You can generate MMID in SBI account by SMS by using any one of the two methods given below :

Method 1 : Send a message “MMID SBI” to 9223440000 (for retrieving MMID for all accounts with SBI)

Method 2 : Send a message “MMID SBI <Account Number>” to 9223440000(for getting MMID for a particular account)

Once you send the message on the number mentioned above, SBI MMID will be sent by SMS to your registered number within 1-2 seconds.

Important Note : Please note that your Mobile Number should be registered for SBI Mobile Banking for using this service. Customers not registered for SBI Mobile Banking Service can register their mobile number at any SBI ATM and get MMID for their account linked to the ATM card.

Process to Register Mobile Number in SBI ATMSwipe your Debit Card > Select Mobile Registration> enter ATM PIN > Select SMS /Secure Code / IMPS > enter your mobile number > Confirm.

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How to Generate MMID in SBI by SBI Freedom App ?

You can also generate MMID in SBI account by SBI Freedom App. If you are registerd for SBI mobile banking then you can easily generate OTP, Generate MMID, Retrieve MMID or cancel MMID just by downloading and signing in to SBI freedom mobile app and visiting the IMPS- Interbank Mobile Payment Service menu.

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How to Generate MMID in SBI By Calling Toll Free Number ?

If you are already registered for Mobile Banking in SBI, then you can also retrieve or generate MMID in SBI Account by Calling the Customer Care on 1800 426 3800 and following the 4 steps given below :

  1. Chose Mobile Banking Option i.e, Option 5.
  2. Provide your Mobile Number to the Customer Care Representative.
  3. CCR will verify some of your personal and Account Details.
  4. On successful validation of you personal and Account Details, MMID will be sent to your registered mobile number.

How to Generate MMID in SBI by Branch Visit ?

Yo can also visit your SBI Home Branch, fill up the form for getting 7 digit MMID number associated with your State Bank of India Account.

Final Words :

You might have noticed that generating MMID in SBI is quite an easy process. You are free to use any of the 4 methods to generate MMID in SBI Account. However, we feel that it is easier to generate MMID in SBI by SMS and by using SBI Freedom App. The selection of the process totally depends upon your convenience and ease.


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