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7 fatal mistakes which may end up your business career

Some people manage to build a career quickly, climbing up the career ladder, while others, having good skills and education, can earn a penny without any perspectives. Keep in mind that it is not a university, when you can type “MBA application essay”, visit any site like this – https://admission-essay.com/mba-application-essay and solve your problem. To gain success, you should follow some pieces of advice:

  1. Pressure on the pity.

Unfortunately, many employees of companies have resorted to this technique, when it comes to some of their blunders. Employers should not be interested in the reasons for your sleeplessness during the all night and in the number of children, whom you need to feed. All he wants from you is a precise performance of your tasks. If you make a mistake at work, you need to accept it and fix it and do not make any excuses. Of course, your chief can understand your situation, but tell him two or three plaintive stories and you can forget about career development in the near future.

  1. I do not know how to do.

If there is a task that requires skills from you in which you are not sure, do not give up right away. Say that you may need more information, ask clarifying questions, but you should not abandon your responsibilities. If the manager thinks that you can carry out these tasks, he is right. After completing this task, you will increase your chances of promoting, and even if it does not happen all at once, you get a new valuable skill.

  1. Lack of loyalty.

There is a fashion among employees to criticize the leadership or any aspects of the company. It is not necessary to maintain the very active general mood. Managers will not promote the staff who constantly criticizes this company even if all of them are geniuses.

  1. Wrong image.

Many companies do not have a strict dress code but you should not abuse this right. The assistant, who wears jeans and a sweater, has fewer chances to get a promotion to a junior specialist, than the one that adheres to a business style. Companies are often judged by the look of its employees, and those positions that require communication with partners will get only those who look quite presentable.

  1. Indiscipline.

The habit of being late to work or missing the deadlines, spoils the image of the employee in the eyes of the leadership and also interfere career growth.  Even the order on the table is sometimes important because some managers associate the mess on the table with the mess in the head.

  1. The absence of apparent desire to grow.

Sometimes employees do not show that they are interested in a future career. They are not interested in the work of the company and they are not trying to acquire new skills. In this way, they lose the ability to express themselves.

  1. Excessive shyness.

If the company opens an interesting vacancy and you are interested in this position, it is a good idea to be active. You should speak with your executive officer, who is looking for an employee or with the personnel department. You have higher chances to get this position because you are a better candidate than an outsider, who do not know the features of the company.

Despite these seven main rules, there are some additional, which will be useful, too. So, do not be lazy. It sounds a little bit trite, but laziness is often the main reason, which does not allow the employee to move up the career ladder. If he performs all of the tasks grudgingly, he is not appropriate for a higher position, which requires hard work. You should also maintain good relationships with colleagues, because the decision about promotion does not depend on the executive officer. He can ask someone from the staff whether there is a decent candidate. Any big company is a kind of a big village where everyone knows all about each other. The phrase “we have such a good girl, I’m sorry she is so long in the same position” in the smoking room may be really important. Finally, do not forget to show how carefully you work. Quite often noticeable people are not those who work a lot, but those who work noticeably. Do not forget to carry out all your tasks in a timely manner, to take the necessary reports and fill them in details.

Therefore, these tips are quite simple and if you avoid these mistakes in your work, your promotion will not take a long time and you will not be obligated to do something supernatural to gain success.

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