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10 Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas

These days more and more people are getting into entrepreneurship. Especially youngsters want to be their own boss, have their own work timings and above all make handsome money by their own work. With our growing economy there are many new business opportunities coming up. Some of them need huge investments while some can be started with a few thousand rupees. Earlier we have also discussed about 30 Business Ideas with low investment. In this post we will list down 10 Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas. Please note that the investment required can be more or even less depending upon the location where you start the business. Also, quite obviously the profit will vary from person to person.

10 Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas

Let’s that with a well known business idea i.e., a food joint.

1) Food Joint

You must have noticed that some small food joints are full of customers. This is because the need for food will never end. Rent a small place nearby some offices and you will see how your business flourishes. Employees, especially bachelors have to depend on outside food for filling up their tummy. You can cash in on their needs. You just need a small place to rent, 1-2 cooks and groceries for this business.

2) Tuition Classes

If you are well educated and specialize in one or more than one subjects then you can go for this business. This requires virtually no investment as you can start tuition classes from the comfort of your home. Though printing and distributing pamphlets could help you scale up your business.

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3) Blogging

You can write on something that you have knowledge of. The investment required is just a few thousand rupees for domain and hosting space. Of course you need a computer and an internet connection. Make sure to do a thorough research before starting professional blogging.

4) Content Writing

Become a freelance content writer and start earning. There are many bloggers, companies, websites which are always on the lookout for great content. If you can write well, make it your profession.  One can make a good amount of money with content writing

5) Photography

If you are passionate about photography or willing to learn it then you need just a good camera. You can become an independent photographer. Pre wedding shoots, wedding photography are very common these days.  Slowly you can scale your business and then employ people as the need arises.

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6) Social Media Manager

We all know how powerful social media is. Startups, individuals and even celebrities require the services of a social media expert to handle their social media accounts to boost their popularity. Also, many companies need them for advertising. Being good at social media can take you places.

7) Dance/Music School

To start with, you just need a place on rent and a couple of teachers. Many kids and teenagers who aspire to do big in life start learning at a young age. You can scale your business as and when the number of students increase.

8) YouTube Channel

YouTube has tremendous earning potential. You can make a professional YouTube channel on whichever topic that interests you like music, health, yoga, cooking etc.  If your content is good and engaging, nothing can stop you from earning big.

9) Tiffin Service

Many corporate companies and even bachelors have to depend on Tiffin service for their food requirements. You can start a hygienic, well organized service and it will surely do well. Make it something by accepting online payment, online order and your service will stand out from others.

10) Wedding Planner

Wedding is a big industry in India. You only need to organize a great wedding. You will have to make contacts with vendors. Two or three good marriages will give you enough money to scale your business. You can then hire people and then you will only have to manage them and keep a check on their work.


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