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Top 10 Business Ideas for Beginners in India

For beginners, it can be a challenge to finance a new startup. It should be kept in mind that these business ventures made by freshers should be something that does not require a huge capital input, initially. You must have heard how many big businessmen started with only a mere amount of finance. In this article we list down top 10 business ideas for beginners in India.

10 Easy Startup Ideas For Beginners In India

Starting off with a small investment protects the first-timers from major monetary risks. Other things like resource optimization, capital expenditure planning, creativity and skill sets, sponsorship and product identification in market play a huge role for best business ideas for beginners. Here, you can go through a few startup options.

1) Advertising

Starting up a digital marketing agency requires a small set up and low investment. Online marketing consulting can also be done for other businesses. Promotional product sales, outdoor ad consultancy and many more options come under this niche. Hence, advertising is the best business idea for beginners in India.

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2) Small Courier and Delivery Services

This type of easy business idea for beginners in India, are at a boom. Tie-ups with a few clients and employing few fresher initially will do the deed. With around INR 1 lakh – INR 10 lakhs investment, you can get healthy returns in 6-8 months.

3) Accountant

If you have studied commerce and accounting, your services are much needed by other firms and companies. It is easy to build your own base for own accounting startup. This type of business can be done from your home location and even online.

4) Home Cleaning Service

This startup may require employment from the beginning, but it is considered as an easy business idea for beginners. Here, investment and risk factor, both is lowkey. With a few equipment and quality products the start-off can be handled. Proper marketing is necessary.

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5) Web Designing And Development

This creative business idea for beginners requires specific skills. But, if you are a thorough web developer, it is easy to convert your talent into a startup and make good amount of money. Students who are well versed with web designing and development should not lose this amazing business opportunity.

6) Event Planning and Management

For people with strong communication and managerial skills, planning events is a lucrative option. Weddings, parties and other events can be easily organized with low inputs. Timely delivery of services and keeping promises is a must.

7) Car Washing and Detailing

This service doesn’t always require high-end equipment or a large monetary input. This is one of the most superb business ideas for beginners in India, as it can be set up at any location which is in reach of your clients.

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8) Landscape Photography

Focusing on observations and creative talent, this art business idea for beginners is an easy option for introverts. High quality photography equipment and cameras are required in the beginning. Selling of photographs can be done online.

9) Online Tutoring

Starting up an online tutoring firm on your own is a great method of providing academic assistance. The communication can be done through the internet and phones. This makes it an easy business idea for beginners from home.

10) Interior Decoration

Another perfect business idea for beginners can be, decorating office spaces and homes. Buying the right furniture, placing the correct artifacts and even choosing the color of the walls, all comes under this easy to begin startup option.

These were the top 10 business ideas for beginners in India. There are many aspects on which the selection of your startup depends. It is very important to put in initial effort into the business, irrespective of the option you choose.

Always remember, to engage in business or financial transactions in India, it is important to apply for a PAN card.

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