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15 Best Business Ideas with Zero Investment

In today’s economic scenario, there is a quite lesser chance of getting a job. But still people study abroad and approach a higher degree of education for their bright future. But there are people or professionals who want to make a job for their own self. And for that there are many business ideas with zero investment. Professionals with confidence and passion can take up small business ideas with zero investment.

Top 15 Business Ideas with Zero Investment

To make a difference in this world a person or a professional need to make a difference and take risks as well. Therefore, to make those tough choices one need to step forward and decide. Here are some of the choices and great business ideas with zero investment.

1) Recruitment Firm

For a start up a person with with good networking skill and communication can build a recruitment firm. A recruitment firm where he or she can contact people who are suitable for different types of job in their own specialty and skill. It is one of the major start up business ideas with zero investment in India because of the huge manpower availability.

2) Web Developer

Skilled and professional web developer and website builder can start one of the website for their business or for others as well.

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3) Event Organizer

Some people have their skill to organize a party. And arranging all types of elements for  an event or a party is not an easy thing, but people with talent can be a fortune out of it.

4) Freelancing

A freelancing is one of the new business ideas with zero investment. These freelancing provides a professional advertise their skill and expertise in a task.

5) Interior Designer

There are people with skill and talent when it comes to interior designing. It’s something what they are made for. And for people with right talent it turns itself in a positive change.

6) Tailoring

One of the common business idea which is mostly pursued by the women and men. But most of the households depend on such business ideas which can be less risky for people on the edge.

7) Tuition Class

As mentioned above, another common business idea which definitely delivers reasonable income. Moreover, with the help of education and smartness people even can make money out of tuition services also.

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8) Wedding Planner

Being a wedding planner is not a small thing. Handling a whole wedding arrangement, and calling all the decisions along with responsibility requires people with leadership quality.

9) Real Estate

Working in the real estate is more likely to receive a good commission and respect in the field. And a skilled professional can earn a great amount of income with real estate with better ideas to sell properties.

10) Insurance Agents

The work of insurance agents is same as real estates. The only difference is that they sell property and insurance agents sell policies.

11) Content Writing

Writing is something which came out before, but content writing is one of the innovative business ideas with zero investment. Content writer, are more often fall in the category of freelancers.

12) Dancing Classes

Professional with dancing abilities can open their dance class and invest their talent for a long run.

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13) Career Counseling

The career counseling work is similar to the work of recruitment firm. But the difference is that they help people in making a right decision while choosing their career options.

14) Mobile Food Shop

It is one of the best business ideas with zero investment. And this business idea definitely works with a tasty food and service.

15) Customized Jewelry Making

People even design some jewelry using crafts and paper. And because of constant change in the fashion industry people hire professionals with suck skills.

Therefore, all these business ideas with zero investment can deliver great margin of profit, if the business is structured and executed perfectly.

To conduct business within India, it is always advised to use a PAN card.

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