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30 Business Ideas With Low Investment

India has a fast growing economy with a huge working population. This makes it a big business market. Startups with a low investment and a big idea tend to work well. Learn about the large number of business options for small investors.

30 Business Ideas With Low Investment

30 Business Startups Which Need Low Investment

Let us see some low investment business options available in India.

1) Food Delivery

This low investment startup requires proper client management.Easy on the pockets, this is the most suitable business idea after 12th

2) Property Brokerage

With no investment cost, you can earn a good commission by cracking decent deals. It is suggested a good business idea after retirement.

3) Wedding Planning

This type of business requires a creative edge and a lot of contacts with wholesale suppliers for decorative items.

4) Grocery Delivery

This is a low cost business. The investment involved is buying the goods in bulk at cheap rates.

5) Private Tutorials

This is the best business idea for students. This can be started as a business idea from home where, the investment cost is nothing.

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6) Food Trucks

To make this a low  investment business ideas in India, there is a heavy investment required initially for management and procurement.

7) Pre Recruitment Consultancy

The company pays you per new candidate. This business is one of the hottest business ideas in Delhi.

8) Handmade Chocolates

This low budget startup plan makes an excellent business idea from home. With a very few equipments and some wholesale stuff, the clients’ orders can be taken in bulk.

9) Retail Garments

They need to be bought bulk,which is the only major investment required in this low cost businessplan.

10) E-Taxi

This taxi service requires heavy investment initially. This startup should have a great business idea and plan for a good kick start.

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11) Insurance Agency

For being an insurance agent, it is important to be able to persuade people to buy the product. Hence, this becomes one of the most low cost business startup.

12) SEO Consultant

This start up requires a computer and some skills only. Market for the blogs and websites online and make them visible and rank on the search engines.

13) Yoga Instructor

If you have a knack for yoga, teaching it is a good source of building easy money. It requires a private space initially but can also be started from home. Hence it is a good business idea from home.

14) Web Designing

This is one of the best business ideas for B.Tech computer science and IT students, as everyone cannot design webpages. This startup can be run using a personal PC from the comfort of your home.

15) Catering

This can become an amazing business idea for women having good cooking skills. This can be a low cost start up from home and may require money put in as a one-time investment.

16) Online Book Store

Start an e-shop for books. Get paid online and deliver books to them. It can give easy returns over investment.

17) Resume Writing

Being a highly recommended business idea for retired professionals, writing resumes is an easy task which can be done from anywhere with the help of a PC.

18) Used Car Dealerships

This can be considered a very low cost business plan. It can be started with being a middleman in a single car deal. It generates high income for almost, no investment.

19) Car Wash

This business needs heavy initial investment over equipment and labour. But, as the business gain marketing, this startup gains huge money.

20) Beauty Parlour

Consider this startup to be the best business idea for women. It requires a few equipments, a private space, skilled professionals and some products.

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21) Boutique

Running a boutique for fashionable garments is an easy business idea and plan. It requires a shop on rent, and bulk purchase of garments from the wholesalers..

22) Matrimony Services

This business can be a good business idea for women as well as a great business idea for retired women. It needs a lot of contacts and database but can be done just over phone calls.

23) Housekeeping

This servicecan be started from a simple app. This can be provided for people who do not get time for heavy cleanup of theirhouses or even spas and therapies.The service management should be a prompt one.

24) Customized Jewelry

Learning how to make customized jewelry is rather an easy skill. Once you get your hands on it, it can be the low cost business idea for women.

25) Thrift Shops

Buy and sell second hand goods. Good marketing and sales skills are the only requirements for this business.

26) Digital Photography

You only need to own a good quality high-end camera and can get easy returns only by small photo shoots. This can be a good business idea for students.

27) Fitness Center

This is the most trendy business idea in Delhi. People who have the skills to work out can teach others the same with minimum investment on equipment and space.

28) Organic Gardening

Being one of the best business ideas from home, organic gardening involves low monetary investment and can get high margins on it.

29) Trash Management

Trending as a good business idea in India with low investment, it requires an initial heavy set up which can give major returns later on.

30) Paying Guest

This is an ageold business idea from home as it gives great returns with the help of minimum investment.

With proper management, execution and marketing, it is possible to device a perfect startup with a low investment cost in a country like India.

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