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Top 20 Business Ideas for Women at Home in India 

Considering India to be the largest demographic in the world, a women entrepreneur is capable of running a large firm along with managing family and home. Women surpass men in understanding domain, general expertise, flexibility and risk taking. Here we provide top 20 business ideas for women at home in India.

List Of 20 Business Ideas For Women at Home

There is a vast scope for women in India to startup a firm, either small or large, especially if they are educated and understand how things work. Given here are some of the best business ideas for women at home.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Though, tough to understand, this startup gives easy returns. The owner can affiliate to a big e-store and divert its customers to them, earning commission.

2) Boutique Store

With changing fashion trends, it is easier to start a boutique store from home. Buying stocks at wholesale rate is required, making it a hot business idea for women in India.

3) Book Keeping

Accounting services including e-filing, sales tax, service tax, etc. can be provided. This home based business is ideal for women who are well-versed with the commercial fundaments.

4) Blogging

Blogging is a powerful way of communicating information online for easy and quick money. Hence, it makes up one of the best business ideas for women at home.

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5) Beauty Parlour

This type of business needs proper knowledge and skills. Starting your own parlor at home is an amazing idea to make easy money.

6) Training For Computer Courses

A computer training institute can be started from home. This requires a very low investment and time devotion. It gives good value for the input.

7) Craft Making

Hobbies like candle making, basket weaving or making decorative pieces using plaster of Paris, can become one such own business ideas for women in India.

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8) Biscuit Making

Being yet another skilled work that cannot be done by just anyone, it becomes an awesome business idea for women at home. Maintaining the quality is a must.

9) Baby Sitting and Day Care

Working women who cannot stay at home to look after their young ones look out for centers that can do so. This business can be initiated on a very small scale. Proper care and security should be maintained.

10) Glass Etching

This is a small business idea for women in India. Females with a creative mind and hands-on skills can start doing the business from home location with a very low capital.

11) Catering and Food Delivery

Stay at home women who cook well can try their hand in the catering business. From tiffin service to small events like birthday parties, this business has a great potential.

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12) Tuition Classes

Women, who have expertise in any subjects, can impart academic support to school going children. This startup requires almost no cost if initiated from home.

13) Virtual Assistance

A virtual assistant can check and organize emails, to-do lists and schedules without being physically present in front of the client. This very own business idea for women can kick start with a few requirements.

14) Social Media Profile Consulting

All high profile people and business have accounts and pages over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. You can help their business grow by managing social networking profiles. This is an easy startup idea for all women.

15) Processed Food Selling

Many women have the knack of making papads, jams, chutneys, pickles and sauces at home. If a steady quality can be maintained, this task can be taken upto a startup scale. The initial investment is quite low.

16) Home Fitness Centre

This is a good business idea for women who can train other people to be fit. Classes like aerobics and Zumba can be started. This startup can be held at the home location.

17) Organic Gardening

This greenhouse project can be built up with a low initial investment, if there is enough space at home. The turnover against investment is good, as sales are easy.

18) Designer Lace Making

Knitting laces is an easy business idea for women at home, having the required skill set. Later on a commercial lace making machine can also be set up for business expansion.

19) Translating

Knowing a special national or a foreign language can make you earn money by setting up your own translating business from home. Hooking clients is very easy.

20) Resume Writing

If you were in the corporate sector, initially and have been at home lately, use your skills to write polished resumes for others. Making money is easy and quick.

Conclusion :

In this digital era, it is necessary to make utmost use of technology for easy handling of the business as well as from a marketing point of view. These top 20 business ideas for women at home in India can empower women to gain control of their own finances. 

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