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20 Business Ideas after Retirement in India

Post retirement are the golden years of your life which you have been patiently working towards. Finally, the time has come when you can sit back with a cup of tea and a really good book and enjoy your leisure time- guilt free. However, there are a few workaholics out there who simply cannot stand the idea of being idle. Some might even like to make some extra pocket money after retirement.

Top 20 Business Ideas after Retirement in India

Here are 20 business ideas after retirement that you can try out:

1) Blogging

Some of us out there have a natural flair for writing. Start your own blog, or join a freelance company which allows you to write at your own time. Not only will it help exercise your mind, you can also earn a substantial amount of money out of this business venture.

2) Rent out Property

When you finally have enough funds to do so, buy some property and rent it out. Use your retirement package to help fund the mortgage, and earn pure passive income with this business idea after retirement in India.

3) Teaching

What best way to make indefinite use of your skills than going into the teaching line? you could join some place, or even tutor kids from home on any subject of your choice; be it music, art, math, English, etc.

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4) Write e-books

With the world slowly becoming more and more technologically advanced, e-books have become extremely common. Use your expertise to write an e-book and sell it over the internet for some fame as well as money.

5) Consulting

Training new and experienced staff of a company in your line of expertise could be the best business idea after retirement for you to venture into.

6) Sales

Get online and sell products which you own, or which are supplied to you by a business. You can either produce these products at home for a small cost price, or work on commission basis for another business. Either way, it can turn out to be a good small business idea after retirement.

7) Fine Arts

Turn your creativity into a business after retirement. If you have always loved to have painting, drawing, pottery, sewing or making hand made products as a hobby, now is the chance for you to turn it into a business after retirement. Sell your hand made stuff online or through sales at exhibitions.

8) Food business

Some of us have a natural flair for cooking. You can turn your special recipe into a commercial adventure by involving yourself into the food business after retirement in India. 

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9) Work for your former employer

Many companies offer this option to retirees where you can opt to work for your previous organization, but from the comfort of your own home and timings. You can continue doing the job you have become so skilled at- from home.

10) Retail Business

Have some antiques which you want to sell off? What better place to do this than the internet. You can also put up your antiques for sale at auctions and exhibitions.

11) Childcare Services

For those individuals who simply cannot have enough of being around kids, getting into the childcare business can be a good business idea after retirement. You can get help from your family and work from home, while doing one of the most heart-warming jobs in the world.

12) Call Centre Jobs

While many companies require you to work at their office, you can also work from home at a call centre job after retirement.

13) Tour leader

Enjoy travelling after your retirement with your expenses taken care of by signing up as a tour guide. You can opt for a local, nation or even international tour leader business.

14) Garden Maintenance

For all those out there who have a green thumb, getting into the gardening business can be rewarding and a good way to spend your time after retirement. Make some money doing what you love and making a difference to people’s lives.

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15) Tax Services

If you are one of those individuals who enjoy doing taxes, you could find tax servicing to be a lucrative business idea after retirement.

16) Pet Sitting

For all the animal lovers out there, there is literally no better job after retirement than pet sitting your favourite animals for a small amount of money.

17) Bed and Breakfast

If you have a large enough place, you can start your own bed and breakfast business after retirement, provided you can provide the breakfast as well!

18) Professional Speaking

A venture with endless potentials, become a professional speaker after retirement if you have good communication skills and are a good orator.

19) Translator

If you are bilingual, an online translator can be the best business idea after retirement for you.

20) Florist

Anyone with an eye for beauty and love for horticulture can turn this passion into a business after retirement.

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